Towards Zero Infections

Maximuse is a company with a wide experience in development, design and construction of healthcare facilities. Maximuse is specialized in development of new healthcare concepts. Those concept are total healthcare solutions and applicable in hospitals.

Maximuse work together  with partners in healthcare projects to create a safe and healthy environment for patient and medical staff. We are specialized in controlled environments to minimize Surgical Site Infections. Infection prevention become more important because of multiple resistant bacteria and pandemics.

Our Mission

Maximuse mission is to raise the standard of care in healthcare internationally by improving safety, sterility and comfort in the medical environment.

From the beginning our goal is to deliver an healthcare concepts that will remain state of the art for a minimum of 10 years.  Patient safety and comfort by design have been a top priority for developing Maximuse concepts. 


Our Vision

Maximuse envisions a medical environment whit a minimum of surgical site infections, reduction of human errors, save energy and elimination of unnecessary confusion and distraction during complex and risky procedures.  

Maximuse realizes these goals only by rethinking traditional design, using cutting-edge technology and design principles to create a new healthcare environment from the bottom to the top.

These are the innovations Maximuse brings to the market, transforming a high-stress and possible high-risk environment into a better and safer place for patients and staff.