The Maximuse Operating Room, is a total concept designed to minimize risk of adverse events during and after surgery. The design guarantees patient safety and includes hygiene materials, the highest quality of air in the entire OR and a fully integrated IT platform. Careful consideration has been taken to both sound and lighting for maximum staff comfort. The innovative design is based on smart application of proven technology and produced after inputs from OR staff. Safety by design and towards zero infections.

Take a 3D view in the OR

Maximuse developed a total OR concept where the design is based on patient safety and comfort for the staff. Safety, Sterility, Contamination Control, Efficiency and Comfort are important aspects for a smooth and safe surgical procedure and recovery of the patient. Together with the medical staff of the Sint Maartenskliniek (an orthopaedic hospital in the Netherlands) we create a risk based design for an Operating Theatre (OR) to guarantee patient safety and realize staff comfort.

We successfully improve over 100 details of the OR with smart applications of proven technology, use of new hygienic materials, implement circadian lighting, development of a total integrated IT platform and the maximum implementation of User Requirement Specifications. During the design we have looked at other industries. For the optimal contamination control we have used technology from cleanrooms, for the lighting we have use technology form the theatres and for cleaning we have looked to cleaning procedures and materials.

The Maximuse OR concept consist the following improvements:

  • Seamless Solid Surface Wall Cladding
  • Temperature controlled Air Flow for a sterile workspace
  • HEPA filtered Air Supply
  • Circadian lighting with 16 million colours
  • Seamless Acoustic Ceiling
  • Integrated IT platform for patient file room control and surgical procedure control
  • Integrated full HD 85” screens and 65” touch screen
  • PTZ camera with Audio / Video
  • Area of concentration for surgery
  • Box-in-Box design
  • UV disinfection with 99,99% sterility
  • Table pod
  • Automatic hermetic sliding doors
  • Surgical lights and pendants


Maximuse OR concept Advantages


  • ISO classification 5 “At Rest” in whole OR
  • Seamless solid surface walls easy to clean
  • UDF airflow with HEPA filtered air
  • Decreasing Surgical Site Infections
  • No touch control of automatic doors
  • < 5 cfu / m3 in the sterile zone

Healing Environment

  • Controlled room temperature
  • Calm and confidence work environment
  • Circadian lighting with different colours
  • Seamless acoustic ceiling
  • Minimum disturbance of air flow


  • Integrated IT platform
  • Central Control Centre outside surgical area
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduction of Surgical Site Infections

Contamination Control

  • Decrease Surgical Site Infections
  • Increase speed patient flow
  • Opportunity for extra operation


  • Improved workflow and time management
  • Decrease transition time between procedures
  • Supply chain optimization