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Maximuse Privacy Policy

Maximuse B.V. strives to best protect personal privacy through the protection of identity. Consideration of confidential and confidential processing of personal data under applicable legislation is the basis of this policy. Links to third party websites on Maximuse B.V. web pages are not included in this policy.

Maximuse B.V. shall ensure:

  • Protection of personal data such as Name, Address, Tel. no or e-mail address
  • Protection of payment information such as invoice information, bank accounts etc.
  • Right information
  • Appropriate duration

Information collected by Maximuse B.V. is either required to enter into an agreement, in order to perform services that have been agreed or communicated. Personal and payment details are only saved if they are actively stated, such as in connection with a registration, a survey, a price offer or in the performance of an agreement.

Through technical and organizational measures, personal and payment information is protected against inappropriate or involuntary disclosure, use, access, loss, change or damage. Maximuse B.V. uses secure computer systems that comply with industry standards. In addition, all Maximuse B.V. and its subcontractors’ employees are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

The company ensures that information about stored personal data is provided upon request. The right to request access, change or deletion of personal data is by contacting us. The request must be signed and enclosed with a witnessed copy of the identity document attached.

Maximuse B.V. will only retain personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected and within the limits that are applicable in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, especially in regards to accounting requirements.

The company’s privacy policy leads to, as far as possible, protection of the privacy of personal data and complying with applicable legislation.