Dr. Edgar Kaaschieter

Anesthesiologist at St. Maartenskliniek

Director Medical staff

"In recent years, we have worked with Maximuse on the realization of an OR concept that has never been seen before.  From the beginning our goal was to deliver an OR that will remain state of the art for a minimum of 10 years.  Comfort and safety by design have been a top priority for both the patient and the medical staff.  Multiple OR contractors could not convince us with their ideas. Therefore we started to develop a concept with Maximuse. During the development we were the first to incoperate technology from other industries.  There are several sectors that work in a super clean environment where contamination control is important.  We have chosen to learn from them and adapt their technology in an OR” .






Dr. Koen Defoort

Orthopedic Surgeon at

St. Maartenskliniek

“These OR’s are completely different and the design is based on input from surgeons. The great thing is that different techniques, also from the non-medical world, are merged.

It is a pleasant environment to work in for surgeons and medical staff, without disruptive factors. In summary it is a safer environment for the patient.

Together with Maximuse we created a risk based design for an operating theatre (OR) to garantuee patient safety.

We successfully improved over 150 details of the OR with smart application of proven technology, use of new hygienic materials, development of a fully integrated IT platform, and the maximal implementation of user requirement specifications”.



Dennis Hoving

Manager Services & maintenance

St. Maartenskliniek


"As one of the worlds best hospitals with treatments for posture and movement, the St. Maartenskliniek always wants to stay ahead.  During the planning for the renovation of its OR’s, St. Maartenskliniek started together with Maximuse a development for innovation, improvement and new technology for OR’s with the goal to make medical care better, safer, more efficient and  profitable.  

St. Maartenskliniek found in Maximuse a state of the art OR concept that fully connect with the vision and mission of the clinic.

This because of the fact that the concept was developed for and with the medical specialist and supports the medical treatments on all possible ways by improving patient safety, the working environment and integration of various systems.  In addition, careful thought has been given to the design and development in the areas of ​​infection prevention and hygiene.”


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