Dutch healthcare is well known for its innovative approach and effectiveness. Maximuse has adopted this approach and made it the new standard for healthcare design. New concepts focusing on patient safety and efficiency of workflows and work-processes are combined with aspects of Lean hospital design, healing environment, the “planetree philosophy” and biophilic design.

The planetree philosophy was founded on the belief that if patients have access to information regarding their illness and hospitalization, they become active participants in their own health.

Biophilic design is a methodology for designing buildings and landscapes that nurtures the relationship between people and nature by introducing various natural features into the built environment.


Our goal is to innovate new healthcare concepts focusing on patient safety, comfort for patient and medical staff, the efficiency of the workflows, sustainability and optimizing the quality of healthcare.

In recent years it has become increasingly evident that the environment has a great effect on human wellbeing. In relation to health care and hospital design it has a vital effect on the health care outcomes of patients, the involvement of relatives, and the health and efficiency of the staff. Creating a sustainable design means that every decision is based on evidence, from science and research, stating how environmental factors can have an important impact on the healing process and health care outcomes of people.


In the vision of Maximuse, hospitals and departments should be able to accommodate the rapid developments in healthcare and be able to facilitate new treatments without compromises. The hospital and departments should be able to provide patients, staff and visitors a healthy and preventive atmosphere for the benefit of shorter average treatment times and better working conditions. The environment need to be adjustable to new developments as well.


The beauty of a good hospital is the inside: the design of the functional aspects and the healing environment asks for designing from inside out. Maximuse hospital design has the tradition of creating the design in close corporation with the medical staff, using workshops, dialogues and expert meetings. Next to the functionality of healthcare solutions, we add cultural aspects as well. Every country has their own habits and treatments which have to be incorporate in the general model district hospital. For example the cultural aspect are visible in the use of medicine and the catering services.


These ‘open design processes’ guarantee that the expertise of the end-users is always incorporated in the design. The advantage for the hospital is the lack of worries during the process and construction of the hospital or department. With an integrated turn-key solution the risks for the hospital are minimized.


The tradition of the ‘open’ design-process gives us the opportunity to integrate the organization and the unique aspects of cultural tradition in our projects in the most intelligent way. Our efforts results in unique concept according to the latest international treatments that can serve the local society in the best possible way for a long time.


We have a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to our projects, covering technical-, logistical-, legal-, organizational-, social-, environmental- and economical aspects to arrive at sustainable and practical solutions. It is not just implementing proven solutions, but generating intelligent concepts that facilitate the patient and staff now and in the future.